Our philosophy is that you can buy insurance coverage anywhere, it is the customer service that sets us apart.

  • We have been using Tom Hotaling for all of our business insurance needs since 2003. Tom has always been professional, courteous, and quick to satisfy our needs in the most economic way. We would be lost with out him and do not hesitate to recommend him to everyone looking for insurance! Debbie Dunn, August 2017
  • Tom is very professional. His prices are the best in town. I own a business and he’s on top of it. I can email him the certificate holders info and he gets it done. I’m impressed with him. Thanks Tom. Without him I’d be doing other jobs. Mickel l, July 2017
  • Tom Hotaling took the time to listen to my needs and quickly found the right policy for my business. Tom understands what customer service really means! I highly recommend him. Joseph Whitlock, July 2017
  • Tom has saved us several thousand dollars on our business insurance, home insurance and vehicle insurance. Extremely easy to talk to and handles any questions immediately. Wonderful experience!! Glenda Hendrix,  July 2017
  • Tom, thank you for helping with my claim. You were most helpful! Sebio Carpio, San Antonio, TX 04/10/2011
  • Tom saved us over $1,200 on our auto insurance this year. We are fortunate that our daughter Susan knew Tom and referred us to him. Thank you Tom. Rollette S. July 23, 2010 San Antonio, TX
  • I saved a bundle of money and I’d been with USAA for 36 years! I’m impressed. S. Rodgers, San Antonio, TX
  • We have worked with Tom before but had moved out of state. We recently moved back to Texas and I dutifully cancelled our homeowners and car insurance policy in Virginia. The day after the cancellation became effective, I realized (thanks to my husband) that I had neglected to get new insurance for our cars or our new house. My husb…and immediately called Tom and within a few hours, we were safely insured. Tom is a great agent and friend whom we had affectionately named the Full Service Agent due to the numerous times he has gone above and beyond for us. Well, he came through yet again and has once again earned the prestigious title. Thanks Tom!!!!Darcy Scrimpshire, Fair Oaks, TX January 11, 2010
  • Russell Henry I love my insurance guy! November 25, 2009 Austin, TX
  • Tom, You are a heck of a insurance man! Scott K – your # 1 fan November 29, 2009
  • Customer service has died in so many ways but today I was totally surprised by some WOW customer service from Tom Hotaling Insurance Agency. My car died at the Alon HEB and for liability reasons they are not allowed to jump anyones car. Sheeesh…I miss the good ole days. Then I remembered my car insurance has road side assistance. I had recently taken everything out of my car for a car repair but found a copy of an old insurance card with the phone number to the office. Who answers the phone at 5:17pm? Tom himself. After a short conversation and providing me the phone number to the company he said look…your about 10 minutes away and I’ve got jumper cables…let me just come by and see if that fixes it. I was NOT looking forward to sweating outside in the Texas heat for roadside assistance to get there in who knows how long in 5 o’clock traffic so I GRATEFULLY accepted. He was there in a jiffy and it took about 5 minutes to get everything working. I had been longing for the good ole’ days of customer service and BAM Tom Hotaling delivered! I had used another “agent” for probably 25 years and I’ve had more contact from this agency in the last few years than I did the entire 25 years with my former agent AND he saved me money. Thanks Tom for being someone who delivers great service all the time, great rates and that over and above WOW customer service when I really needed it. I highly recommend Tom Hotaling Insurance Agency to anyone looking for great rates and great service. Susan Ford

Published by Tom Hotaling on 2013-08-13